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I took Paige's course this year and was absolutely satisied with the results. We were told precisely what the class would entail and what would be required from us as stdents from the get go, and her outlines and material were spot on in terms of what was on the actual state and nationwide tests (I passed the first time). If you attend class, listen carefully, and take the advice given by Paige in terms of study habits, test habits and tricks to help recall key information you're a shoe in on the actualy licensing tests. However, if you fall behind whatsoever dont expect to pass. As is the case with most education!

I think Paige and her school do a terrific job of preparing potential real estate agents for a career in real estate and passing the required licensing tests. I am one of many satisfied students and would recommend the course to anybody interested in beginning a career in real estate.

Its very easy to come online and write a negative review about somebody you dislike in terms of political perference or because youre disgruntled about not doing well in a class. But on this site the positives clearly outweight the negatives, and Paige is a very knowledgeable and good woman.

Thanks Vitousek!